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East Coast Safety Online Institute

NJECA is proud to announce the opening of the East Coast Safety Online Training Institute.

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East Coast Safety is the training division of the New Jersey Electrical Contractors Association (NJECA) and provides online and live training and networking events for electrical and trade industry professionals.

NJECA is the voice and leading authority in the electrical industry for information, education, business management and advocacy in the state of New Jersey. NJECA informs and assists the electrical industry, acts as its principal advocate and helps members in servicing their customers. Acting as the industry’s steward, NJECA continually strives to enhance every aspect of the electrical industry. NJECA provides extensive benefits to electrical contractors in the state of New jersey including business support, marketing support, training and education including CEU, OSHA and online training solutions.

East Coast Safety has partnered with a leading online training provider to bring members, partners and industry professionals an online training solution specifically designed for trade professionals. The university may be accessed directly at or through the NJECA website at

Any professional interested in taking these courses may utilize the institute, and NJECA members and partners receive an additional 10% off any courses taken through the institute.

Key Training Solutions for Industry Professionals

With courses and training solutions designed specifically for electrical and trade industry professionals, East Coast Safety and NJECA are proud to offer a variety of online and live training solutions for businesses and individuals interested in improving their personal safety and increasing their business’ profitability.

Visit to view the course catalog and sign up for courses. 
NJECA members email for your 10% off discount code!

OSHA Hazard Communication & Safety Data Sheet Binder Now Available!

East Coast Safety Online Institute

NJECA Is Proud to announce the opening of the

East Coast Safety Online Institute!

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