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Why Choose NJECA?

The team at the New Jersey Electrical Contractors Association knows that your time and money are valuable. We strive to provide extensive benefits and programs that help you further your business and education and grow in the electrical industry.  Here are a few of the reasons why NJECA is different than other electrical associations in New Jersey:

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NJECA is unique from other industry assocations in that we are an independent association, focused solely on providing benefits and support to New Jersey's electrical industry.  We are not a local chapter of a larger association, which enables us to monitor industry and business trends and implement new programs quickly and effectively to meet your business needs.

Enlarge Graphic (1280x1024px): Check markLow Cost Membership for You AND Your Employees!

Your NJECA membership is valid for your business AND your employees. Your employees have access to all of NJECA’s industry news & updates, discounts, benefits and educational programs, while your business can leverage our business, marketing and training opportunities.  It’s a Win-Win for you AND your employees!

Enlarge Graphic (1280x1024px): Check markYour Voice is Heard!

Whether you need a new training program, business support or benefit program, NJECA is able to research and provide you with the new benefits and services you need to manage and grow your electrical industry business.  Our fully staffed office is on-call to take your requests for assistance and look forward to working with you.  In addition, your recommendations may become part of our standard offering of benefits which not only helps you, but it helps your fellow members as well!

Enlarge Graphic (1280x1024px): Check markExtensive Live & Online CEU, Code, OSHA, Product and Industry Training inlcuding NJECA's Own Online Safety Training University!

You spoke, we listened!  NJECA understands that there are three, very distinctive geographic regions in New Jersey.  We have ensured that our live CEU, OSHA and industry training events are available to contractors, students and industry professionals in all three regions of the state! NJECA contractors have also expressed the need to take safety courses not only at live events, but also at their convenience via the internet.  NJECA provides not only a variety of training options for Live CEU, OSHA and industry training calendar in all regions of New Jersey, but we have also created an online safety training institute that provides cost-effective online training opportunities for you and your employees.  You can visit the online university at NJECA members receive 10% off all courses at the online university as well as live events! In addition, we hold regular webinars and product training events from our partners.  No other association offers a wider variety of training opportunities than NJECA!

Enlarge Graphic (1280x1024px): Check markNetworking Events for businesses, individuals and students!

NJECA offers a variety of networking events to ensure that our members and industry professionals remain in touch and “in-tune” on what’s going on in the industry!

Enlarge Graphic (1280x1024px): Check markOSHA Hazard Communication & Safety Data Sheet Binder & Update Service

Included with your membership is a FREE OSHA Hazard Communication & Safety Data Sheet Binder for your business that will help you ensure compliance with OSHA’s requirements.  OSHA requires a written Hazard Communication Program and safety data sheets for materials found at your job site. These safety data sheets must be easily accessible by your employees in case of emergency to ensure the safety of your staff.  NJECA has has assembled a 500+ page binder that includes a sample hazard communication policy for your business as well as safety data sheets typically found at an electrical contractor’s job site.  This binder is ONLY available from NJECA!  Your membership includes one binder for your business as well as a FREE update service where you can request updated or additional data sheets.  You may also purchase additional copies of the binders for your vehicles to ensure that the data is easily accessible and meets OSHA requirements.  This benefit alone is worth your membership!

Enlarge Graphic (1280x1024px): Check markPartnerships with industry & business associations, manufacturers and service providers

NJECA knows that in order to provide superior service to our members, we need to ensure that we provide the most extensive and valuable benefits package to help you manage and grow your business.  We partner with a variety of industry and business associations to provide additional support to NJECA members.  We offer membership discounts if you are already a member of a partner association, and we also provide opportunities to attend other business and networking events made available through our partner associations.  Our goal is to create “One Voice” for the electrical industry, and we know that working together with other professionals and industry associations is an integral part of obtaining that goal.

Enlarge Graphic (1280x1024px): Check markIndustry, Product & Legislative News & Update Service

NJECA knows that keeping up with industry and business news is time consuming.  We have established an extensive industry, legislative and business news monitoring and update program via social media and email.  We follow over 1,000 industry businesses and redistribute pertinent news through our social media channels to our members and partners.  Our email distributions include the Electric Wire Industry Update, Legislative Update and more! In addition, through our industry publication partners, you can receive FREE subscriptions to the industry’s leading publications including EC&M, Electrical Contractor and more!

Enlarge Graphic (1280x1024px): Check markBusiness Locater & Referral Service

Want customers?  Need to find your nearest supplier?  NJECA’s Business Locator service at provides potential customers with a quick-and-easy way to locate a contractor near them.  NJECA receives 10-15 calls per week from customers looking for qualified electricians and our members receive a FREE listing on the business locater as part of their membership! In addition, it also provides you with easy access to electrical distributors near your job site!

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NJECA understands that the future of the industry relies on quality, educated employees.  We partner with a variety of trade and vocational schools to provide additional training and resources to students entering the industry.  We participate in career days as well as provide a resource to students to help support their entry into a successful electrical career.

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NJECA provides a variety of career services for members and students including the Career Locater.  This is our online employment resource where potential employees submit their resume that can be accessed by companies looking to hire, and businesses looking to hire may also list their employment opportunity ads.  This is just one more way NJECA supports networking between its members!

Enlarge Graphic (1280x1024px): Check markExtensive Membership Benefits, Discounts & Programs

NJECA continually expands its benefit and program offerings based on current industry and business needs.  Be sure to review the enclosed membership flyer that lists many of our unique benefits and programs, many not offered by any other electrical industry association in New Jersey.

Enlarge Graphic (1280x1024px): Check markFull-Time Association Staff & Resources

NJECA’s team of industry experts are focused on your business and how we can better support you.  Our fully staffed office of electrical industry professionals in Princeton is always available to discuss existing and new benefits and programs that we can implement to better support your business!

These are just a few of the reasons why New Jersey's electrical contractors choose NJECA as THEIR electrical association.  No other New Jersey association offers as many benefits, training opportunities and programs as the New Jersey Electrical Contractors Association.

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OSHA Hazard Communication & Safety Data Sheet Binder Now Available!

East Coast Safety Online Institute

NJECA Is Proud to announce the opening of the

East Coast Safety Online Institute!

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Did you know that you can no longer install the gas piping required for a generator installation under the new state rule? You must now hire a HVARC contractor or plumber to perform this portion of the installation!

A new rule has been issued that requires that gas piping for generator installations be completed by a HVARC contractor or plumber.  The electrical contractor is NO LONGER allowed to perform this work!  Sign the petition to change this rule to allow electrical contractors to continue installing the gas piping for generators along with the rest of the installation!

  Click here to view/sign the petition to repeal this new rule!

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