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Engage with candidates & recruit the right talent faster

Find your next best hire faster. With instant access to phone numbers, emails, and company data, Kaspr makes prospecting easier.


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Source candidates in seconds

Access emails and phone numbers straight from LinkedIn or Recruiter Lite. You can save candidates directly to your Kaspr dashboard from individual profiles, lead lists, posts, events, and groups.

Engage with talent & hiring managers

Create workflows and engage your next best hire! Kaspr helps automate important steps in your cadence, like sending LinkedIn connection requests. Build workflows that enrich contact data when your candidate accepts to continue the outreach by phone or email.


  • Reach out directly to candidates or hiring managers.
  • Automate aspects of your business development.
  • Sync data to your ATS.
Screenshot of Kaspr dashboard with LinkedIn workflow built
Graphic of creating workflow cadence in Kaspr
Organize your prospecting

Kaspr is an all-in-one prospecting tool. Make calls, send emails, and organize your potential hires with lists, tags, tasks, and notes. You can sort your candidates in the dashboard or send the enriched contact data straight to your ATS.

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Here's what other people in recruitment like about using Kaspr. (Reviews from G2).

"Kaspr is helping me hit my KPIs and talk with both clients and contacts."
"I found that with hybrid working, this is very useful. Kaspr is great for both business development and resourcing. I would recommend it as a recruitment tool."
Jonathan D
Recruitment Consultant
"Great for business development"
"Really easy to use. No need to constantly access a different application and disrupt your workflow. My role involves a lot of business development, and before using Kaspr it was a real struggle to find contact details for decision-makers. Kaspr has really helped get through to the people I need to speak with."
Simon A
Recruitment Consultant
"Great for business development and getting direct mobile numbers."
"I’m able to directly contact hiring managers, beating the crowd of emails."
Frankie B
Recruitment Consultant

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